Category: JavaScript Noob to Pro

So you want to learn JavaScript? These JavaScript Noob to Pro tutorials are designed to take you from knowing absolutely nothing about JavaScript, to being a professional JavaScript developer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I believe in learning by doing and will take you through a learning process of building real world things, so that you are learning the most useful information and not arbitrary stuff that won’t stick in your head because you have no idea how to apply it to a real world scenario.

JavaScript is a wonderful front end programming language that has grown massively since it’s release and has a whole host of frameworks available for it. Choosing a framework can be daunting, however, if you are a beginner to JavaScript I’d recommend using these tutorials to learn the foundations of JavaScript before even thinking about a framework like Angular or ReactJS.

If this series get’s enough attention from you guys then later in the series I will look at covering NodeJS so that you can combine your front end JavaScript with some server-side JavaScript programming. So follow along and please comment on the posts if you have any questions or just want to show your appreciation!